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Brief History of Little Lambs, Past, Present and Future

Little Lambs was founded in 1995 by the Junior League of Evansville in response to the high infant mortality rate in Evansville and Vanderburgh County. The goals were: 1) increase usage of prenatal and well baby care 2) develop healthy parenting techniques 3) provide safe baby equipment and supplies to those who need them.
In 1998 First Presbyterian Church in Evansville and the Junior League joined in the Little Lambs operations. By 1999, First Presbyterian Church assumed responsibility of Little Lambs. The Little Lambs stored is housed at the church and managed by church and community volunteers. The number of clients served and volume of supplies distributed grew substantially over the next six years.

First Presbyterian Church sought greater assistance from the community in the management of Little Lambs in 2005. The local Step Ahead Council was approached and a proposal was made for Little Lambs to become a committee of the Vanderburgh Step Ahead Council. First Presbyterian Church agreed to continue to provide space for the Little Lambs store while the Step Ahead Council created the Little Lambs committee to oversee operations.

A director was hired the beginning of 2006 to oversee the store, volunteers and fundraising. Little Lambs received funding from private, business and community sources to allow baby equipment and supplies to parents who earned vouchers. With each voucher earned, representing a health parenting act.

With funding from the Indiana Youth Institute, Capital Compassion Fund, in 2007 Little Lambs is moving forward to become an independent 501c3 agency in 2007.

While the infant mortality rate has decreased since Little Lamb’s inception in 1995, the initial goals still guide Little Lambs. The need still exists to encourage mothers to seek prenatal care and parents to seek well child care for their infants and toddlers. Little Lambs continues to provide an incentive for parents to develop healthy parenting techniques while at the same time assure infants and toddlers in need receive safe baby equipment and supplies.

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